Thursday, 12 September 2013

Intelligent Life 2

is  your intellect subsidised and who are the consequences

who  are uncritical          who are          disastrous consequences of a system

i    do    not      think    I can be  sus    tained            i am    sur    plus             are you            sur   

plus                     are      you                      sus      ten   ance                     i don’t 

know                    what    you    are    talking  about           there  is 

no   such    thing      as     a         fi   er station                             hos    pi    tal   

is  that  were  there  are    gathering

hand me a sharp critique          no       make that a hammer
are  you ly   ing   to our     fa    ces             is your very big house  sub    si    

dised      is      my little room    sur     plus          I had some things in there and

people stayed               i have since lost all of the things    and the people were   

sur        plus

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