Thursday, 12 September 2013

Intelligent Life 1

according to operaters gathering reasonable suspicion
boundless information tool    is a tool    in a 97   
million pieces       where are servers

global burning map    go to bed in China    you are in America
I spy beginning with P    A has always been for Apple

Security……..sorry……… conspiracy……..sorry    i accidently opened
your life and you are no longer there

are you intel    li    gence    this is suspicious    is it intelli    gent
or providers    or a service    who is suspect    the intelligence director

there are secrets    minimally 41    sorry    I accidentally deleted your life
in a file transfer    I am denying awareness while some are remaining adamant

are you distracted yet    slipping in creationism    unwitting US citizens since 1848    it’s a powerpoint    potent ial    terror    ism    I am    terri    fied    espi    on    age    sus   pect

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