Sunday, 4 July 2010

library closures Sydenham, Blackheath, Crofton Park, Grove Park and New Cross

Library closures by Lewisham council in Sydenham, Blackheath,Crofton Park, Grove Park and Newcross I live on the Peckham/Newcross border. I think its vital that we support any attacks on services and not just the ones immediately concerning ourselves in our own immediate vicinity. You may already know about parents and staff fighting to keep Goldsmith's nursery and the the sudden insane decision by management at Middlesex University to close the Philosophy Department, the latter campaign students and staff occupied a university building for 11 days. Many wanted to continue with the occupation but scare tactics and lies were used against students, many of whom had never taken part in activist politics before, having being directly politicised by the way they had been utterly disregarded. Students are paying 'customers' in this wrong society and yet they are not getting the education they deserve, thus are twice over shafted whilst university chancellors etc are bundling it in as nonsense figureheads rewarded for having nice big dinners.

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