Sunday, 4 July 2010

down with this sort of thing

Shit slapping you in the face every which way. Five libraries to close Lewisham/Newcross. Goldsmiths nursery... Share what's happening down your way... Fighting for each others' campaigns must be a must. The libraries need more bloody books in 'em. Closing them mustn't be an option! 

The much celebrated Peckham 'Library'has a measly patch of the 4th floor with not many books. In reality, the 'library, is council offices! We should actually be campaigning for better facilities ahead of cuts. Anyone for standing outside Peckham library, placards reading, WHY ISN'T THE LIBRARY A LIBRARY

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Something's gone peculiar. I didn't actually mean for my text and background to do this but couldn't get it to go back. Just as long as you know I wasn't aesthetically pleased.