Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Support UBS Cleaners, Friday 5th March

Come support the cleaners who are being well and truly shafted by UBS (Unjust Bullying Shits) or the Union Bank of Switzerland. Without any written warning the cleaners wages have been cut by 10.75%. For this illegal wage cut they are expected to do more work and at unsociable hours. This is a criminal bullying tactic. In common with most of the city's cleaners these people are immigrant workers from Latin America, Africa and Portugal. UBS are criminally exploiting their disadvantaged status. UBS have also sacked union shop steward, Alberto Durango for sticking up for his and the other cleaner's rights and resisting these criminal changes to working conditions. If you can't make it 1pm Friday, UBS Building, 100 Liverpool St (very nr the station) there is also a fundraising gig in the evening 7-11pm, Nuevo Rythm Orchestra, a 9-piece Salsa band will be playing latin funk and soul "as well as the old hi-hoppers". The gig is free at SOAS Union Free Music but donations would be much appreciated.

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