Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A Benefit Anyone?

Friends, poets, comrades,

As some of you know, me and Sean have become involved with the Communist, Activist group, The Commune (online paper very good). A meeting was held last night to discuss tactics with regard to our continuing support of the cleaners at UBS (see previous post). Criminally the unions have not come through with the dosh needed for sacked shop steward, Alberto Durango's legal representation. For what are these workers paying their dues one needs ask. But anyway, Alberto is without a job because he stuck up for his colleagues and the cleaners have had an illegal wage cut and are being verbally bullied and intimidated. It would be just brilliant if we could have another one of those fantastic fundraisers for these vulnerable workers. They are putting up a great fight and refusing to go to work at the new times the bank has ordered them to, for instance - a tactic that members of The Commune and other groups were not in favour of fearing they would lose their jobs altogether. What does every one think to the idea of a fundraiser? Obviously a date and a venue would have to be sorted so will have to get in touch with anyone interested to see how they are fixed. Should this be another crossing the line event? Is that even a possibility in the near future Jeff?


Peckham in Furs said...

Sean Bonney,
Michael Zand
Georgie McGlugg

Reading at benefit so far.
Will fix date etc. when have more numbers to arrange good time for all

Peckham in Furs said...

Tommy Slug Mendoza doing it too. Numbers is building