Friday, 26 April 2013

George Osborne's Tear 2

BBC Views
God Save The Queen
& The Dutchess of Cambridge Tits

Mark it St George's Day
mark it, its fist.

Do buy sixty t-shirts before breakfast.
And under the rubble they scream.
George Osborn's tear!

And their bare hands.
A tower lies dead.
Its bloody.

Sewing machines and human limbs.

You are squeezed middle 
you George Osborn's tear
you parade.

you Duchess of Cambridge tits.
Shoulders heave for it
and Vera Lynn.

St George's tear Day.
161 t-shirts are confirmed dead.
And a lovely tower.

Squeezed in the middle of factory
bricks I daily died and now I'm dead.

George Osborne's tear.

Go fuck yourself you Vera Lynn
you celebration. You are 
St Georges Day
Tear Day

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