Tuesday, 5 April 2011

for tickly coughs

  1. The British chemist C R Wright discovered diacetylmorphine or heroin, in 1874. But it was the German, Heinrich Dresser who tried to find its uses, first testing it on sticklebacks, frogs and rabbits and then on some of the workers at the Bayer plant, a company that first made its fortune in the artificial dye industry (see Esther Leslie's, Synthetic Worlds). The workers loved it, some describing how they felt heroisch (heroic), hence its marketing name, launched alongside aspirin between the years 1897 & 1914, and indeed it was very beneficial to those sick and in pain, being not of itself harmful to the body and aiding a good night's kip. Course, it is addictive though, hence a problem for those short of dosh, some selling junk metal to support the higher quantities they needed on gaining a tolerance, so the term junkies. But it was the act of criminalising the drug from 1914 that brought the misery so well now associated. In the US, first Jewish gangsters, then Italians took on the industry, murder on the streets, deaths from not being able to judge the purity, injecting other rubbish alongside, through the greed of the greedy bastards at the top of the chain,the farmers of countries like Afghanistan denied fair profits from their natural resources, people in pain denied a satisfactory pain-killing drug, fobbed off with fuckin paracetamol (does fuck all), that's your fucking law for you. And the banks get a piece of the action http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/apr/03/us-bank-mexico-drug-gangs

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