Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Overheard at the Jobcentre

The unemployed are airing their grievances over their ill treatment at jobcentres via the blogspot, 'Overheard At The Jobcentre'. At Peckham jobcentre, a staff member was overheard referring to clients as, "the shit over there". In Hackney jobcentre a manager told a client that he gave staff the boot if he noticed them being friendly and helpful. A man who was applying for sickness benefit, who had all the required documents in hand, including a doctor's verification, was told that he didn't look sick as he was wearing hair gel and could not, therefore get a payment. On arguing that he very much needed the money as his wife was pregnant, the arsehole said that he should not have let his wife get pregnant as he was unemployed.


Nat Raha said...

! ! ! WTF!?!

Sean Bonney said...

this should be settled with flaming arrows

peckhaminfurs said...

I know Nat!

I concur Sean!

Bring on more blogs of this nature -

'overheard in the boss's office'

'overheard in the nick' ...