Thursday, 13 August 2009

Openned at The Foundry, 11th August 09

The Foundry is to be bulldozed to make way for a 17-storey hotel so to benefit the Geneva based Reuben Brothers who own a chain of 'Art'otels' across Europe. Hackney council is favouring the Swiss concern over local opinion as reported in The Hackney Gazette on the 30th July 09. The Reuben Brothers high art credentials include concerns in race-courses and shopping centres. They also own the London Oxford airport (Probably quite handy for transporting sacks of dosh wheedled from tax avoidance). There are photos of the Reubens other art'otels online. The decor is pure Conran shop floor, the 'art' Ikea ready-to-go with your colour scheme. But never mind, the locals can also make use of the 'relaxing spa'. If I could afford the entrance, I'd go have a shit in it and piss in the over-priced lager to boot.

Alan Brookman makes camp outside The Foundry, perhaps to practice a sit-in in protest of the hideous plan to put the five-star hotel on the site. He'd certainly make a much more attractive exhibit.

A performance of John Cage's Four6 by Harry Gilonis, Chris Goode, Dominic Lash and Josh Robinson, followed by poetry from, Tom Jenks, Francesca Lisette and Luke Roberts. The highlight for me was the black bin-liner shake out by Harry Gilonis - the least cautious of the chosen noises.

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