Sunday, 21 June 2009

Weekly Worker Gone Bad


There has been 'contention' in the ranks of the CPGB over articles which urged The Weekly Worker's readers to vote Labour in the just past European elections.

What! confuckintention!


hjgodwin said...

Verification - chogs

chavs in clogs


pigs in hoodies (an alternative to pigs in blankets)

peckhaminfurs said...

to keep on class themes tweedful who are a saucepot lad, who are in the hoods turn in their hoods, can't see the clogs for the hoods.

Moses in the ark is a dish, so wiki, so wiki with plums. fry up up jesus in your nighty,

who are slugs art trouserful, who scoffed those in kilts for a fuck off breakfast you were writing off

Peckham in Furs said...

Wiki pigs in blankets and sausages are in german nightdresses