Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Life and Death of a Daddy-Long-Legs

He was on the bathroom mirror quite a time and then was sliding on the tiles but before the cat did eat him, he was bouncing on the floor.


cycling to the next village said...

Dear pif,

your entomological exploits are hepsolutely mervellus.

yours in admiration,

Sir Linus Slug esq.

p.s. despite my song and dance routine, I am not to be mistaken for lionel blair. my tan is natural.

peckhaminfurs said...

Ha, ha ha - I did think of you and insect love as I was following the critters about.

peckhaminfurs said...

Ere, this is odd then - I knocked up last massage before leaving for Parasol - the time is a fix

peckhaminfurs said...

What goes off?? - this is 8.26 am