Monday, 1 June 2009


I believe in freecycle, the almighty giver, sharing in Southwark and all over of all things viable and re-usable. And in all freecyclers everywhere, sharing their stuff which was already begotten, begotten of the alienation and toil that ever dogs us through Capitalism. I believe that it is right to use up the stuff that is already with us and believe it to be our last hope of salvation, come down from common sense incarnate, throughout the wholly practical. I believe that the compulsion to produce and produce will crucify us under capital and that we will suffer and be buried and will never rise again according to what's staring you in the face. And that there will be no ascending unto anything better and that there won't be any coming again with anything and that the judgement is already upon us throughout our living deaths and that this is the end. And that the wholly practical, in using shit up, are at least making an effort. I believe in the end of the world and that there is nothing to come,
Ah well


Posie Rider said...

I gave a bread machine to some Depford based artists but I never got anything back! And don't you think it should be called Freebay?

peckhaminfurs said...

My experience has mostly been good - gave a coat and a hat and a big plastic box my mum thought i would just lurve to keep things in, got a filing cabinet (which was sheer luck as mostly without a car you miss out on the big stuff) but they wanted rid fast and brought it over and got some bright, shiny fabric and plot cushion covers.

Some of the to and fro emails can be a pain in the arse though; the general public, what fools.
I'm currently offloading a battery operated tin-opener. A woman replied, "yes please! I am a blind person" I thought this rather presumptuous, but replied that I didn't think it suitable as you had to see to operate said item and that it would better suit someone with arthritis or other grip impairing disease. She replied, " thank you for your concern as I am a blind person and have arthritis too".