Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Also Harry put us on to Norman Douglas, writer of the following classics:

There was a young lady of kew
who said, as the curate withdrew:
"I prefer the dear vicar;
He's longer and thicker;
Besides, he comes quicker than you".

Once a young fellow named Skinner
took a lady to dinner to winner,
At quarter past nine,
they started to dine,
at quarter past ten it was inner.
(The dinner, not Skinner). Skinner
was inner before dinner.


Jow Lindsay said...


Anonymous said...

Cheers, hope your shindig went off splendid, we got too early hammered to make it. Wanna come over some time for visit? xx

peckhaminfurs said...

Oh didn't mean to be anon again.

Sean Bonney said...

ya happy birthday (slightly late) xx

peckhaminfurs said...

Cheers, well you were busy. Can't wait to hear how all that kicked orf. xx