Thursday, 9 April 2009

Remembering Blair Peach

It has come to light that the police officer who bludgeoned Ian Tomlinson was a member of the Territorial Support Group (TSG) which replaced the, with grounds, controversial, Special Patrol Group (SPG) in 1987. In April, 1979 Blair Peach was felled at an Anti-Nazi League demonstration against the National Front in Southall by a police officer from the SPG. The special needs teacher was knocked unconscious and died the next day in hospital. The police officer was not convicted. This 23rd April will be the thirty year anniversary of Blair Peach's death.


jeff hilson said... event memorialised in Linton Kwesi Johnson's lines "the SPG them a murderah, a murderah, we can't let them get no furderah" and in "Reggae fi Peach" from Bass Culture.

peckhaminfurs said...

Yes!! Thank you for reminding me, I think I'll listen to that today.