Friday, 3 April 2009

Police Violence at The G20 Protests and The Death of Ian Tomlinson

A further protest to be called, "Getting The Truth" will be held at the Bank of England on Saturday, the 4th April at 12.00 pm. Protesters will be demanding an independent public enquiry into the death of Ian Tomlinson. Witnesses have come forward (see indymedia) giving a very different account to the one I read in, 'The London Lite', claiming protesters were not letting police through to attend to the dying man. Indeed a woman with first aid knowledge was already tending to Ian Tomlinson and an ambulance had been called as police continued their rough handling of the crowd, trapping protesters in cordons and belting them with truncheons. A protester with a loud hailer was, in fact, trying to get police over to the scene to no avail. It remains to be disclosed whether Mr Tomlinson did actually have a 'heart attack'. Eye witnesses also spoke of being battered by police as they peacefully linked arms over at the climate camp which was eventually dispersed by further violence. If you were witness to this abysmal catastrophe get in touch with the legal team at

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