Wednesday, 1 April 2009

from Abiezer Coppe, 1649

O London, London, my bowels are rolled together (in me) for thee, and my compassions within me are kindled towards thee... And that I have been made such a signe, and a wonder before many of thine inhabitants faces. Many of them (among other strange exploits) beholding me,fall down flat at the feet of creeples, beggars, lazars, kissing their feet, and resigning up my money to them; being several times over-emptied of money, that I have had not one penny left, and yet have recruited againe...bow down to equality, or free community, that no more of your blood be spilt: that pride, arrogance, covetuousnesse, malice, hypocrise, self-seeking, etc. may live no longer. Else I tremble at whats comming upon you.
Remember you have been warned with a witnesse.
Deare hearts Farewell.

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