Wednesday, 19 November 2008

And The parents were round

Strains of the Daily Mail were flooding the place - escaped from the living-dead room out the chinks in the curtains.

They were coming in from everywhere and had TB and it was everywhere in the air-conditioners of hospitals. And you daren't walk the streets and they stole our word. We liked saying gay, you can't say gay now. We can't be gay, oh no, means something else now. And the Jews are running America. And they come here and get everything. They get houses straight away. And the prisons are like hotels. They have TV now and gymns. I wouldn't mind staying in prison. Its like a holiday and they send them on holidays. They have curtains. I'd have bars. And America's brought back chain-gangs - I'd do that. That and hanging, I'd bring back hanging. That Hitler had the right idea (That last is a favourite dad joke)And wasn't it terrible about that poor little baby getting killed by the parents. And the doctor in that case - missed the baby had a broken back - she was one of them with a scarf on her head.

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